SK Group

SK Group is French Company specialized in 3D anti-collision software for mobile engine, providing global solutions to increase Safety, Security and Productivity for cranes in building site and industry, plan in aerospace , vehicle and people on airport tarmac, train, car.

SK Group

SK Group established in Dubai Internet City for the Middle East region, SK Group focus his business on the cranes market provided an original and proved concept: the “Global Safety Cranes Management” including the most advanced worldwide 3D anti-collision software.

Inventor and CEO

Severin Kezeu, SK Group CEO and owner, is the inventor and designer of his companysolutions. Doctor engineering data Processing and electronic sciences, graduate in 1991 of the Polytechnic School of France in industrial Automation and robotic and authored his thesis in association with the INRRIA (the National Institute of Research in Data processing and Automation) in the field of anti-collusion mobiles and optimal control.

Our History

In 1991, Severin Kezeu invented the universal anti-collusion system Navigator, awarded as the French first national prize of invention and innovation.
In 1998, after 7 years of research of development Severin Kezeu founded
SK Group